Fair Portia is a timeless imaginative high fashion jewelry brand.


Our original designs are created by weaving hand formed metal ribbons dotted with the most luxurious sparkle.
Blurring the lines between fabric and metal, our sculptural silhouettes  allow for fluidity of movement while remaining surprisingly durable.
From Minimalist shimmer to maximalist dazzle, our jewelry captures light from every angle, creating pieces with life and story.
Fair Portia Jewels are dreamt, designed and created by hand in our ebullient studio in the beautiful Pacific Northwest by our small team of dedicated women.

About The Artist:

Gina Vitale Syrja began Fair Portia as a way to work from home while raising her daughter as a single mom. Completely self taught, Gina felt free to draw from her background as a contemporary dancer and sought out techniques that supported her sculptural lines and fluid approach to no limit designs. After merging her love of textiles with a discovery of soft metal, she embarked on her jewelry journey in earnest. On an infinite treasure hunt, Gina sought materials of highest quality, and was endlessly inspired and drawn to materials such as Venetian Glass, faceted pearls, plush feathers, and more alternative materials not often found in high fashion costume jewelry designed to last. Seeing a gap in the offerings of jewels & tiaras that expressed a bride's independent style, along with solving her problem of finding the most fun jewels representing the very different personalities of all of the best friends in her party, all within budget!


Key Biscayne, the barrier reef island in Biscayne Bay just over the causeway from Miami looms large in the Fair Portia story. Growing up in this paradise planted future seeds of recurring themes of rich sunrise and deep sunset color palettes and freedom of movement echoing the joyous surroundings of nature;  the wind in the palms, the waves of the ocean on endless sand, subtly make their way into designs past and present into forever.



About Our Team- Your Flutter Advocates

Everything about Fair Portia is organic, and the growth of the team is no different.
Erika- Our newest force-of-nature team member, Erika brings a unique combination of old-soul wisdom with a fresh perspective to Fair Portia. Always up for a laugh and a fierce supporter of individuality of expression, Erika's jill-of-all-trades is an invaluable asset to our light-hearted endeavor. 
Kristen- Our magnificent graphic designer and metal seamstress.
Whitney- Is our wedding & web Goddess and is the team member we send all of our beautiful brides who'd like style support to. With her calm demeanor and incredible eye, nothing ruffles her feathers; she is kindness personified and truly indispensable to Fair Portia.




Materials That Last a Lifetime
Feathers from Italy
Sequins from Paris
Genuine Crystal

Special subtle coatings
Silky smooth chains
Lightweight gossamer precious metal ribbons


The Sparkle. The Textures. The Lightness.

Maybe the most thought of all goes into our gorgeous materials, which are lovingly sourced from such storied places as a 50 year old (family feather creator) in Florence Italy, one of the oldest sequin manufactures in Paris, beautifully faceted & impossibly translucent genuine crystal, and mesh from yet another historical company in New England...and that’s just the Beginning...


The valuable semi precious metals we use are specifically chosen to stand the test of time.14k gold-filled chosen for its suppleness-skin friendly reaction resistance to tarnish, endurance and subtle glow.

Sterling and fine silver (….)

14k Gold-filled is the fascinating process of heat and pressure bonding a thick layer of 14k gold to a brass core. Though 5% or 1/20 of gold to brass, the 14 karat gold is an actual layer of karat gold permanently encasing brass. It resists tarnish, is supple and gorgeously malleable, meets federal quality standards and allows us to create our original gold pieces at a fraction of the cost to 14karat gold without sacrificing one ounce of imagination, so you Can have it all; spirited designs that stand the test of time and luxury in a delightful range of options


Unparalleled approach to finding and working with the most Beautiful materials in a zero boundary way





No heat. No *sound. {*sound of music} No glue.
Hands. A few hand tools. Some unexpected. Some for yarn, some for building...
Lot’s of measuring. Nature sounds, clicking knitting needles, whirring hand drills {Florence and the Machine, Jesse Cook, Bach}
Strands and strands of soft and supple metal ribbon pulled, formed, sparkled & woven. By hand. With love. And care.




How to care for your Fair Portia Jewels:

**Common sense Caution**

This easy method involves boiling water. Please proceed extreme care.

{recommended for Fair Portia Jewels only...}

Shiny results will be your reward!

You will need:

  • 6 C boiling water
  • 2 sheets of aluminum foil
  • 1/3 C or more baking soda
  • Pyrex dish (must be able to handle boiling water temp)!!!
  • 2 tea towels
  • Large spoon
  • Drain cover
  1. Crumple your tinfoil to create texture & line pyrex dish with one sheet, shiny side up
  2. Lay your FP jewels in pyrex dish
  3. Sprinkle baking soda over them (Don't worry, it will bubble when hot water is poured and carry off all traces of hairspray and oxidation)
  4. Next, Carefully pour (if using an electric kettle ) or ladle boiling water over jewels (Stand back as this can have an unpleasant sulphur smell)
  5. Carefully put 2nd foil piece, shiny side down, on top
  6. It will float
  7. Carefully Use your spoon to lightly tamp down around jewels, it may still float slightly, that is OK
  8. Leave sitting for 15 - 30 min
  9. Make sure the drain in your sink is covered/closed, then remove jewels and run under tepid faucet until any remaining residue from baking soda has disappeared
  10. Gently pat dry using a tea towel or other soft cloth
  11. Leave out to dry completely, for 2 or more hours on the 2nd towel


Et Voila! Sparkle & Shine.

Repeat as often as needed





All Fair Portia jewels are hand crafted and must be handled with the same care with which they were created. We suggest storing your fair portia jewels in the packaging which we came in.