To thine own Self be true...

and this is everything... we live in a big beautiful Universe and the goings on at Fair Portia echo this joyful through-line in every facet of our Philosophy. 

From choosing gloriously juicy materials to work with to the sheer elation of a new design, we know our signature creations await the one final touch that brings them to life and that is You. Your own irrepressible flair. The thing about you that no one else has, that's what we're celebrating at Fair Portia, and it's a real Party!

 We can't wait to see your imagination take off with our two newest collections:

VOLO {Italian for Flight} the journey begins where elevated sparkle mingles with softest luxurious feathers from Italy. Pure fantasy with zero limits takes you anywhere you want to go.

Zsa Zsa 99 blends inspiration with a twist, from two of my favorite 70s iconic women, Agent 99 
{Get Smart} and Zsa Zsa Gabor; an unlikely pairing until you witness sleek mesh and flowing ostrich feathers by candlelight Dahling...

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