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About Gina

Sunny with a 20% chance of melancholy.

Mom of amazing Ina. Step-mom of amazing Emily.
Will stop for runaway dogs, with & without collars. 
Have been known to regularly miss exits due to rocking out to "Modest Mouse" & "Florence and The Machine on Seattle radio station "The End." 
Knows & will sing every Kate Bush lyric to adoring cats. 
Zsa Zsa & Eva are the original favorite sisters. 
Madly in love with the wind and the Sea. 
Diametrically opposed: Extrovert/Introvert. 
Most comfortable out on a limb. Kinda Way out. 
Dreamy Realist. 
Alternates between Pacific Northwest birdsongs and Ennio Morricone as preferred soundtracks when designing jewelry. 
100% self taught technically. 
Color & Light geek intrinsically.

About Whitney

Right hand Gal; wonderful weaver

Mom to beautiful Bella and Sam, adored & adoring wife to Jon

Kindest soul

Loyal Friend




How to care for your Fair Portia Jewels

**Common sense Caution**
This easy method involves boiling water. Please proceed extreme care.
Shiny results will be your reward!

You will need:

  • 6 C boiling water

  • 2 sheets of aluminum foil

  • 1/3 C or more baking soda

  • Pyrex dish (must be able to handle boiling water temp)!!!

  • 2 tea towels

  • Large spoon

  • Drain cover

  1. Crumple your tinfoil to create texture & line pyrex dish with one sheet, shiny side up

  2. Lay your FP jewels in pyrex dish

  3. Sprinkle baking soda over them (Don't worry, it will bubble when hot water is poured and carry off all traces of hairspray and oxidation)

  4. Next, Carefully pour (if using an electric kettle ) or ladle boiling water over jewels (Stand back as this can have an unpleasant sulphur smell)

  5. Carefully put 2nd foil piece, shiny side down, on top

  6. It will float

  7. Carefully Use your spoon to lightly tamp down around jewels, it may still float slightly, that is OK

  8. Leavesitting for 15 - 30 min

  9. Make sure the drain in your sink is covered/closed, then remove jewels and run under tepid faucet until any remaining residue from baking soda has disappeared

  10. Gently pat dry using a tea towel or other soft cloth

  11. Leave out to dry completely, for 2 or more hours on the 2nd towel


Et Voila! Sparkle & Shine.
Repeat as often as needed


Whit & Bella

Whit & Bella